Excellent service provider

Partner for maintenance and service for your vacuum assets

JEVATEC offers comprehensive repair service for all of our produced devices and systems as well as metrology, components, systems and pumps of other producers of vacuum technology and other technical items, based on our fair prices.

Our goal is to present an easy to use and calculable vacuum service towards our customers. For this reason, we are offering fixed prices for repair and service of a multitude of vacuum pumps or vacuum components. In many cases we are able to provide an exchange unit or pump while repairing your device. All services are based and conducted on certified standards. Customized requirements are naturally taken into account.

The focus of our system service lies on maintenance and repair of all all components, mechanical as well as electric. We are in permanent contact with our customers and can trustfully discuss potential difficulties during ongoing processes.

Years of experience of our engineers and technicians qualify us as your efficient partner for your projects around the medium of vacuum. Comprehensive technical advice and support from our experts is also possible on-site at any time.