JEVAmet® IOS-40C

You are looking for a hot cathode ionisation sensor for pressure measuring between fine vacuum and ultra-high vacuum?

Accurate and reproducible measurements and baking-out of sensor are important for your research and development projects?



With the Bayard-Alpert ionisation sensor JEVAmet® IOS-40C (comparable to the Bayard-Alpert ionisation sensor BARION® BAT40C), we can offer an passive vacuum sensor. Together with our vacuum controllers JEVAmet® VCU-B0 or JEVAmet® VCU-BM and the temperature-resistant (up to 250°C) measuring cables JEVAmet® ISL you will  receive an accurate vacuum measuring system for all UHV applications. Replaceable yttria-coated iridium straight filaments garantees high stability and a constant emission.

We are the developer and manufacturer of the ATMION® and the JEVAmet® VCU (and formerly of the MVC-3). Therefore, we are familiar down to the finest detail with the measuring principle, application areas and customer requirements for over 20 years. In addition, the limits, which are set by the used measurement principles or certain applications, are not unknown to us.


JEVAmet® IOS-40C

■  passive Bayard-Alpert ionisation sensor for pressure measuring between 1·10-2 mbar and 1·10-11 mbar
■  compatible with the following vacuum controllers:
■  measuring accuracy: ± 10% of measuring value (1·10-2 mbar – 1·10-8 mbar)
■  reproducibility: ± 5% of measuring value
■  gas-type dependent
■  2 replaceable yttria-coated iridium straight filaments
■  baking-out temperature: 250°C max.
■  sensor in stainless steel tube 1.4301
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