You are interested in a hot cathode ionisation gauge?

It should be a small and robust vacuum measuring instrument for easy vacuum system integration?

Test gauges are available on request from now.


With the hot cathode ionisation gauge of Bayard-Alpert JEVAmet® IOM we can offer you a  precise vacuum measuring instrument for industrial applications below the fine vacuum range. The sensor with two robust hairpin filaments (yttria-coated iridium) is replacable. It garantees best measurement results.

We are the developer and manufacturer of the ATMION® and other ionisation gauges. Therefore, we are familiar down to the finest detail with the measuring principle, application areas and customer requirements for over 20 years. In addition, the limits, which are set by the used measurement principles or certain applications, are not unknown to us.


■  active hot cathode ionisation gauge for pressure measuring between 5·10-2 mbar and 5·10-10 mbar
■  available in two versions in the future
  • JEVAmet® IOM-16K – 2 hairpin filamants in a replacement gauge head DN16KF
  • JEVAmet® IOM-25K – 2 hairpin filamants in a replacement gauge head DN25KF
  analog output and digital control inputs for easy system integration
■  gas-type dependent
■  replacement sensor in case of failure or contamination
■  high reproducibility
■  compact design
■  logarithmic linear measuring signal 0 – +10.5 VDC with 1 VDC per decade
■  operating voltage +24 VDC
■  sensor in stainless steel tube 1.4301, electronic box made of aluminium
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