Active vacuum sensors Made by JEVATEC?

Benefit from our decades worth of experience in the field of vacuum measuring technology – experience in making the “Nothing” visible.

JEVAmet® PZM-2000

The absolut pressure sensor PZM-2000 from our product line JEVAmet® is a linear pressure sensor, which detected as DU 2000 sensor by JEVAmet® VCU and vacuum controllers of the DISPLAY and GRAPHIX series by LEYBOLD.

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Our fore-vacuum sensors JEVAmet® PRM and PRM-S are Pirani sensors, which detected as TTR sensors by JEVAmet® VCU, vacuum controllers of the DISPLAY and GRAPHIX series by LEYBOLD or comperable devices by VACOM, PFEIFFER VACUUM and INFICON.

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The wide-range vacuum gauge ATMION®, which unites a Bayard-Alpert sensor and a Pirani sensor in one and the same housing, allows pressure measurement between atmosphere an UHV. Operate ATMION with our device unit JEVAmet® VCU, with vacuum controller MVC-3 by VACOM or you use the other control options, like serial interface RS232 or Profibus DP.

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