Are you looking for active or passive vacuum sensors?

We can offer you the proper sensor fitting your needs and activities. All sensors are compatible to the JEVAmet® VCU, the MVC-3 by VACOM and - ATMION® excepted - also to vacuum controllers of the DISPLAY and GRAPHIX series by LEYBOLD and operating units by PFEIFFER VACUUM or INFICON.

Benefit from our decades worth of experience in the field of vacuum measuring technology – experience in making the “Nothing” visible.

It depends on the purpose whether an active or passive vacuum sensor is suitable.

Active vacuum sensors

An active vacuum sensor describes an independently working vacuum measurement instrument, consisting of a gauge (aka pressure sensor) corresponding to the measuring principle and an electronic evaluation device. The measurement instruments are usually operated with a voltage of +24 VDC and provide an analog linear or logarithmic measuring signal of 0 – 10 VDC, digital measurements via the interfaces RS232, RS485 or Profibus DP. Active vacuum sensors can be directly integrated into your system control to monitor the air overpressure and underpressure (vacuum). The operation via a suitable display and control unit is of course realizable as well. You can use the JEVAmet® VCU , the MVC-3 by VACOM, the vacuum controllers of the DISPLAY and GRAPHIX series by LEYBOLD or comparable control devices by PFEIFFER or INFICON.

Passive vacuum sensors

Passive vacuum sensors consist of one gauge head corresponding to the measuring principle. For operating, an appropriate display and control unit is mandatory for delivering the necessary operating voltage as well as for generating usable output signals. The sensors are connected via shielded and temperature-resistant, bakeable special cables to the corresponding control device.