Do you use ion getter pumps or titan sublimation pumps for generating vacuum at your UHV system?

Are you looking for a suitable power supply for your TSP? Do you value a time control or the possibility of remote control?


The SUBLICON® can be described as the perfect power supply for operating titan sublimation pumps (TSP) with up to four filaments at a maximum heating current of 50 A. It is a universal control device for various TSP versions, developed and produced by JEVATEC GmbH. Specify which TSP you would prefer to operate. We assemble the connection cable suiting the TSP in your desired length.



■  automatic or manual filament selection
■  degassing function for filaments of TSP
■  manual input function
■  internal time control
■  one analog output per channel
■  interlock and remote control
■  rack slot19”, 2 height units
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