LED meets Vacuum

Innovative LED technology for vacuum chambers

With the new recipient lighting FLL by our product line JEVAlux® we bring modern and effective LED-light in our vacuum chamber.

You benefit from a powerful LED as light source outside the vacuum chamber with lossfree light coupling via glass cylinder made of optical glass.

Convince yourself of the perfect illumination by light scattering at the end of cylinder.





■  flange-mounted LED vacuum chamber illumination available in different versions:
  • JEVAlux® FLL-25K – Stainless steel flange DN25KF. Installation depth 50, 75, 100 or 125 mm from sealing surface of flange.
  • JEVAlux® FLL-40C – Stainless steel flange DN40CF. Installation depth 50, 75, 100 or 125 mm from sealing surface of flange.
  • JEVAlux® FLL-40K-PG – Stainless steel flange DN40KF. With protective glass. Installation depth 100 mm from sealing surface of flange.
■  Easy-to-clean light conductor on flange DN25KF or DN40CF
■  NEW - Variant with replaceable protective glass above light conductor on flange DN40KF
■  light coupling via glass cylinder in four different lengths
■  quickly mountable
■  no heating by light source
■  low power input
■  power supply voltage 12 – 15 VAC or +12 – +24 VDC
■  optionally with plug-in power supply and switch for two brightness levels
    or 5 m cable with angled connector alternatively


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