Reengineered Pirani sensor

Fore vacuum sensor also available with flange DN16CF

JEVAmet® PRM / PRM-S available with flange DN16KF and DN16CF

The sensor of our Pirani vacuum gauge JEVAmet® PRM / PRM-S has been revised. The active thermal conductivity vacuum sensor is also available with flange DN16CF now.

Donation Handover to the German Bee Museum Weimar 2020

Spendenübergabe an das Deutsche Bienenmuseum Weimar 2020

On 2 October 2020, a donation of 1000,- € was handed over to the German Bee Museum in Weimar by our managing director Ingo Stiebritz. We are pleased to be able to support the work of Thuringian beekeepers in spreading knowledge about bees with this donation.

JEVATEC makes vacuum visible

JEVATEC makes vacuum visible

Various options for lighting vacuum chambers from the JEVAlux® product range with different flange sizes based on halogen or LED light sources.

JEVATEC makes vacuum measurable

JEVATEC makes vacuum measurable

Get to know our measuring technology of the ATMION® and JEVAmet® product series. We are sure to have the right solution for your application.

Service for the Wide-Range Gauge ATMION®

Service for the Wide-Range Gauge ATMION®

As a long-standing manufacturer of the wide-range vacuum meter ATMION®, we are your personal contact in case of service or the situation that you need a replacement sensor.

We also offer a comprehensive and speedy repair service for all other devices manufactured by us in current or previous product series, such as the MVC-3. Simply contact us!

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