JEVATEC – from VACOM Steuerungsbau und Service GmbH to a brand manufacturer of vacuum measuring devices - 25 years of ideas in vacuum technology


25th company anniversary 2021  

April 2021

Founded in 1996 as VACOM Steuerungsbau und Service GmbH, today's JEVATEC GmbH has been a reliable partner for customers and suppliers for 25 years.

With an extensive portfolio, we see ourselves today not only as a creative developer and producer of vacuum measurement technology, but also as a sustainable and comprehensive service provider for all aspects of vacuum technology. Thank you to all who have contributed to this.


January 2021

Interested customers from the UK now have the opportunity to contact our distributor there, 4VISA Ltd. - Products for Vacuum, Industrial & Scientific Applications.

Wägedosiersystem für das Thüringer Landesamt für Landwirtschaft und Ländlichen Raum


December 2020

It's not always all about the vacuum for us.

For our long-standing customer, the Thüringer Landesamt für Landwirtschaft und Ländlichen Raum (Thuringian State Office for Agriculture and Rural Areas), we modernised an older weighing and dosing system. Here we were able to put our know-how in system design and system control to good use.

This resulted in a system for automatically dosing water and solutions onto soil samples or other samples in vessels arranged in a rectangular grid on a sample table. This was realised by means of a new stepper motor-driven XY traversing unit (traverse path of 2000 mm x 500 mm) and existing components for dosing. Both the setting of the parameters and the entire operation are carried out via a specially developed software via PC.

Spendenübergabe an das Deutsche Bienenmuseum Weimar 2020


October 2020

On 2 October 2020, a donation of 1000,- € was handed over to the German Bee Museum in Weimar by our managing director Ingo Stiebritz.

We are pleased to be able to support the work of Thuringian beekeepers in spreading knowledge about bees with this donation.


Weldable SUB-D feedthrough


July 2020

Weldable SUB-D feedthroughs in 9-, 15- and 25-pin version for UHV applications

Baruvac AG


May 2019

With the Baruvac AG Gebläse und Vakuumtechnik, Swiss customers have a competent contact and distributor for our vacuum measurement technology and vacuum components.

Carol singers at JEVATEC  

January 2019

For the third time in a row, carol singers from the Catholic community of Jena brought the blessing on Epiphany. To support the cause of the Children's missionary organization "Sternsinger" e.V., Managing Director Ingo Stiebritz presented a donation of 1000,- €.

 JEVAmet® PRM / PRM-S mit Flansch DN16KF und DN16CF  

November 2018

The sensor of our Pirani vacuum meter JEVAmet® PRM / PRM-S has been revised.

The heat conduction vacuum meter is now also available with a DN16CF flange in a welded version and is therefore ideally suited as a fore-vacuum sensor for customers with UHV systems.

Sternsinger bei JEVATEC  

August 2018

The flange-mounted recipient lighting JEVAlux® FHL is now available with additional flange sizes.

Carol singers at JEVATEC  

January 2018

Carol singeres visit JEVATEC. Carol singers of the Catholic community in Jena, bringing the Christmas message in song again in 2018. In order to support the business of the Children's missionary organization "Sternsinger" e.V., the company donated repeatedly the generous sum of 1000, - . - Der Online Shop für Vakuumartikel.


June 2017

Selected products in the Online Shop

The Online Shop offering a wide selection of products in the areas of vacuum components and vacuum measurement around the clock.

Weitbereichs-Vakuummeter ATMION® - Druckmessung von Atmosphäre bis UHV  

March 2017

From now, we can offer the wide-range vacuum gauge ATMION® directly ex factory.

Also in service case or the situation that you need a replacement sensor, we are your personal contact in the future.

Betriebsgerät für aktive und passive Vakuumsensoren  

February 2017

The vacuum control unit JEVAmet® VCU is now available in 5 versions.

The version B0 for a passive Bayard-Alpert ionisation sensor and the version BM for one passive and two active total pressure sensors are added to the three versions A0, AM and C for active vacuum sensors.

Vorvakuumsensor mit Pirani-Messzelle  

February 2017

The new fore vacuum sensors PRM and PRM-S with an encapsulated Pirani measuring cell complete our product line JEVAmet®.

Carol singers at JEVATEC  

January 2017

Royal visit at the company JEVATEC. On Epiphany (6 January), carol singers of the Catholic community in Jena, bringing the Christmas message in song. In order to support the business of the Children's missionary organization "Sternsinger" e.V., the company donated the generous sum of 1000, - .


December 2016

Extension of the product line JEVAlux®. With the new recipient lighting FLL we bring modern and effective LED-light in our vacuum chamber. You benefit from a powerful LED as light source outside the vacuum chamber with lossfree light coupling via glass cylinder made of optical glass.


August 2016

Established and proven equipment freshly packs. Also the SUBLICON®, a universal power supply unit for titanium sublimation pumps (TSP) with up to four filaments with a maximum filament current of 50 A, is now available in the JEVATEC design.

20-jähriges Firmenjubiläum 2016  

April 2016

20 years "Ideas in vacuum technology", which remained not only ideas, were converted but into successful projects.


December 2015

We've made it! Please visit our new website – more information on all aspects of vacuum technology and the JEVATEC GmbH.


September 2015

The building of the boarding school is rented now. On September 1st, 2015 we hand the management of the boarding school over to the ÜAG gGmbH Jena.

 JEVAflow FCU-4  

August 2015

With the revised four-channel flow-controller FCU-4 from our product line JEVAflow®, we are offering a versatile control device for up to four analog or digital mass flow controllers (MFCs).


May 2015

Time has come now: The new innovative controller series with graphical interface for active sensors starts for series production. The instruments in one or more channel versions are operating all over the world under private label.


January 2015

Company-owned labels JEVAmet® for vacuum measuring technology, JEVAflow® for gas flow controllers, JEVAlux® for vacuum-compatible illumination and JEVAsys® for units and systems of our in-house production are introduced to the market.

 eBay-Shop der JEVATEC GmbH  

October 2014

Our new products as well as professionally refurbished vacuum technology such as pumps, valves or additional equipment can be found in our newly established eBay-Shop by JEVATEC GmbH.

 Vakuumanlage AKF500  

May 2014

Delivery of a vacuum system with an inner chamber diameter of 500 mm for producing uplift bowls to Nautilus Marine Service GmbH.

 JEVAmet VCU  

April 2014

With the vacuum controller VCU we can present a universal control and display device for up to three active vacuum sensors, which is in-house produced as one, two or three-channel version. It is the first item in the new JEVATEC design.


September 2013

A second more-channel vacuum measurement device complements the controller series for passive vacuum sensors under private label. The measuring principles Pirani and ionization vacuumeter (Extractor or Bayard-Alpert) allow a gapless measurement and surveillance of the vacuum pressure between atmosphere and 1·10-12 mbar.

 JEVAlux FHL    

December 2012

JEVATEC enlightens the Nothing. According to this motto we are offering the flange-mounted recipient illumination FHL – an easy-to-mount halogen lighting for your vacuum chamber.

 Internetseiten der JEVATEC GmbH ab 2011  

December 2011

New webpage in JEVATEC design.

 Internat VIVUS Lernen-Wohnen-Leben  

October 2011

According to the slogan “Learning – Dwelling – Living” the VACOM boarding house is now called ”VIVUS”. The familiar atmosphere remains for 48 pupils from grade 9 of the mathematical and scientific High School of the Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium Jena.

 Firmengebäude der JEVATEC GmbH in Jena  

October 2011

VACOM Steuerungsbau und Service GmbH is now JEVATEC GmbH – violet changes to blue, a new name, but a well-known slogan. Our „Ideas in vacuum technology“ are still the solution for your tasks and problems.

 15-jähriges Firmenjubiläum    

May 2011

The company successfully exists over 15 years now. Dr. Ute Bergner is resigning as managing director. The other two managing partners Ingo Stiebritz und Peter Storch will present the company and the team in the usual way.

 Montagebereich für Vakuumanlagen  

April 2011

The modern assembly area for vacuum systems has been inaugurated.


December 2010

Production of the 10,000th one-channel vacuum display device for active vacuum sensors under private label.


April 2009

Development of a hot cathode ionization vacuumeter BARION® XS and start of the series production in September 2009.


March 2009

Start of the serial production of a more-channel vacuum measurement device for passive vacuum sensors under private label. The measuring principles Pirani and Penning allow a gapless measurement and surveillance of the vacuum pressure between atmosphere and 1·10-9 mbar.

 Laborbeschichtungsanlage V700  

since 2009

Construction and assembly of vacuum coating systems with an inner chamber diameter of 700 resp. 900 mm for Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and for Präzisionsoptik Gera GmbH.


December 2007

Production of the 2,000th wide-range vacuummeter ATMION®.


August 2006

Start of the series production of more-channel vacuum measurement device MVC-3 in five different versions for active and passive sensors.


June 2006

After intensive preparation, the certification of the company according to DIN EN ISO 9001 has happened.


July 2005

One two-channel and one three-channel vacuum display device complete the series of controllers for active sensors under private label.


February 2004

Development of a Profibus-DP docking for mass flow controllers and start of series production in different versions.


August 2002

Delivery of the 500th wide-range vacuummeter ATMION®.


April 2001

Start of series production of app. 1,000 per annum of a one-channel vacuum display device for active vacuum sensors under private label.


February 2001

The complete expansion stage of the boarding house has been reached by completion and moving into the attics.


November 2000

A standard version or a compact version of the second generation of the ATMION® is available now. For industrial clients, a Profibus-DP-Interface can be offered for the first time.

 Firmengebäude im Jenaer Schreckenbachweg 8 ab 2000  

March 2000

Lots of space now for new ideas! The company is moving into the new office complex in Schreckenbachweg 8 in Jena. At the same time in another part of the building a boarding house for pupils from grade 9 of the mathematical and scientific High School of the Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium Jena is opened.


September 1998

The first company estate bursts at the seams. The purchase of the estate at Schreckenbachweg 8, formerly owned by SBA Trafobau, allows new opportunities.

 Beschichtungsanlagen bei ESSILOR in Rathenow  

since 1998

Modernization of vacuum systems with SPS control at Carl-Zeiss-Jena GmbH, at Essilor GmbH Rathenow, at IPHT in Jena and at Docter Optics GmbH in Neustadt/Orla.


April 1997

The worldwide first active wide-range vacuumeter has been introduced to the market. Within one sensor, ATMION® combines the measuring principles Pirani and hot cathode ionization according to Bayard-Alpert.

 Das erste ROD-4 für AERA.  

May 1997

Development and production of a private-label flow controller for a Japanese company.


since 1997

Systematic installation of an electronic manufacture for measurement and control devices for vacuum technology.


August 1996

Adoption of the vacuum service from the Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH with two service technicians.

Die Firmengründer  Dr. Ute Bergner, Ingo Stiebritz und Peter Storch der VACOM Steuerungsbau und Service GmbH   February 1996

The company is founded as VACOM Steuerungsbau und Service GmbH by Dr. Ute Bergner, Ingo Stiebritz and Peter Storch. Advent of the business with one vacuum technician in Gabelsberger Straße in Jena – garage atmosphere guaranteed. However, the property had to be utilized at first ...